Transparent Firearms Replica

MGC 44 Auto Mag "Space Gun" -Model Gun-

By cerebrating (opportunistic promotion?) Star Wars movie load show in Japan (1978, 25 years ago), MGC (Model Gun Corporation, Japan) released two transparent model guns for sale in Japanese market.

One is SIG SP47/8 and the other is this 44 Auto Mag. Both of them were very limited and the number of production was just 2 digits!

To compare with the original Auto Mag, you can see that MGC's is slightly smaller.


MGC 44 Auto Mag "Space Guns"

From various places all together.

Other Transparent Models

Beretta -Air Soft Gun-

When I was browsing Cross Road Gun Show at SF Cow Palace, I found one Transparent Beretta Air Soft Gun by some Korean maker. $25-. I got it!

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum -Air Soft Gun-

Box says this is "Official Licensed" soft air gun. Actual caliber size is slightly bigger than .22LR.

Simple Miss spelling, Avoiding Patent or possibly Gag?

Chinese made Air Soft. What's AUTOMAGE ???

This particular photo is from Japanese Auction site.