.45 ACP Replicas
Toys don't have to be in cheap looking

When you say a TOY, does it necessary mean cheap looking crap? Not anymore. In today's technology, you can get one with real "real" looking along with almost identical weight, balance, and the action. Followings are one of those incredible toy guns made and sold in Japan.


Performance Center M945-1
  Make: KSC (JPN)
  Type: Gas Operated airsoft, 6mm BB, Semi-Automatic
  Action: Blow Back
  Price: 22,000- JPY (2003)


Made by Heavy Weight plastic component, beautifully finished Chrome Plating exterior has almost exact dimension with original PC M945. Gas Operated semi-automatic action actually kicks the slide back in full stroke when you fire the plastic BB.


Pro-Killer Mk-II
  Make: Western Arms (JPN)
  Type: Gas Operated Airsoft, 6mm BB, Full / Semi-Automatic
  Action: Blow Back
  Remark: Aluminum Alloy Frame by Sheriff (JPN)
  Price: Approx. 40,000- JPY (2002, Discontinued)


This particular airsoft is accompanied with custom Aluminum Alloy frame. Slide is made by ABS plastic. What nice about this is that you have a choice of Full and Semi-automatic.


Combat Commander Custom Type-D
  Western Arms (JPN)
  Type: Model Gun, MGC 6mm CP Cap Powder
  Action: Blow Back
  Price: Approx. 65,000- JPY (1984, Discontinued)


This model was made almost 20 years ago for limited edition. Has almost ideal internal mechanism with original Colt Commander. Uses small powder cap to cycle. Just like a stage prop.


--- Side Story ---
By the law and customs, it is extremely difficult for civilians to establish handgun license in Japan. Therefore, many people who likes guns and stuff spend money for toy guns to satisfy their need, and those needs maturely created these expensive, but incredibly great toy gun industries over there.