Suzuki GSX-1000S Katana (GS-1000SZ in US)


 After spending a year and half, I finally realized that Yamaha V-MAX is not what I like, nor what I can accept. Therefore, Katana project is started here.

 Once I decided to buy, it was quick. My target is GSX-1100S only. Not other cc's because of the power. Then I found one for sale on eBay, contacted to the seller, bid, and got. The condition wasn't so good, but still under my control.

 Once the bike was delivered from NY, I started restoring it. There were many to do. Then it became running condition. BUT... By doing muffler work, I found that it is 1000cc, not 1100cc...

 By considering the cost and hustle sending motorcycle back to NY, I decided to keep it since I never owned 1000cc Katana. Might be fun experience owing three different engines in same model.

 Photos below are my 2nd Katana (1990 Anniversary Model GSX-1100S) in Japan. I kept it along with my 1st Katana (1982 GSX-750S) until year 2002.