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Folgore Bianca (Bimota TESI 1D 906SR)

Just like a Lightning...

I still have a set of original keys, manuals, some spare parts and the mind of owner which I cannot give up.


When I first saw it on one of motorcycle magazines, I was really shocked because I had Suzuki GSX-1100S Katana for almost 10 years and had no doubt that the Katana is the best and only motorcycle for my life.

How interesting life is! No more than a month from that dramatic event, I had a chance to see the actual bike at "Imported Cars and Motorcycles Show" held in Tokyo. By seeing, touching and feeling the Master Piece of Art, I found myself already at the point of no return.

December 1996, about a year from the show, I was visiting White House at Wako, Saitama to finalize my Custom Build order of Folgore Bianca.


Dream Comes to Alive!

Mine had Analog Meters instead of the unique Digital Meter. It was great, except one thing. Fuel meter does not work...

Thursday, January 23rd 1997. It was delivered to my office.


Never Forget. Dream Once Again

Due to California's strict and stupid emission control law, I had to give up to import this custom motorcycle into US. Therefore, I sold it at the same time when I decided to live in US permanently.

I have no regret for my decision to sell Bianca. Because I know I will get one again someday.



Manufacture: Bimota (Italy)
Base Motorcycle: TESI 1DSR
Work Shop: White House (Saitama, Japan)


Underground parking at Kawasaki, Japan