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  Maynard Arms Co. 8.5" Barrel

Finally able to make some time to fit newly delivered 8.5" full ventirated rib barrel made by Brian on to my frame. Great job!

Another must have item for all AM collectors

Maynard Arms Company

Please visit Brian's new web site. They are at full speed operation offering various tune-up and repair work as well as the state of art custom barrel build. Yes, I said right. They are now building custom 7.5" and 8.5" fully ventirated rib barrels in multiple calibers. Don't miss out this once in a blue moon opotunity.

  Auto Mag Owner's Reference Manual


--- Please contact Brian for Detail ---

Target Revolver

Famous, but not commonly seen

MBA Gyrojet Pistol -Update 2-

MB Associates "Gyrojet Rocket Handgun" and its unique ammunition


Lignose 2A Einhand

Convenient 25ACP from Germany


Kolibri - World's Smallest Semi-Auto Pistol

Yes, it's a real firearm made in Austria back in early 1900's. Ammo shown is 45ACP


German Gas Pistol (not .410)

Honestly, don't know much about it. But at least I like it...

Need info on this pistol. All I know is its
Made in Germany by Perplex, and is very similar to their MODELL 2


New Year Greetings from Friends




Reid Knuckleduster "My Friend"

Knuckleduster and other .22 Caliber's


Auto Mag Pistol Buyer's guide
Read this article before you buy your own Christmas present.


AutoMag Video Clip
  A short video clip from approx. 3 years ago. Just discovered from the HDD.
    MPEG2 format
    Caution!!  Size: 14.7MB
(Download and play locally from your HDD)


Inconsistencies, or you may call it Weird

Do you know why I call it weird?

Partially (Barrel/Upper Receiver assy and Magazine Floor Plates) engraved
Early Pasadena frame (style, material, and finish) w/ early Pasadena serial (A009xx)
Trigger Bar Spring Retaining Hole
No Safety Lever Tuning done
Solid Bolt
Newer (TDE and later) Style Cocking Piece
6 1/2" Fully Ventilated Rib added afterwards (not factory original welding)
No grooves on top of the Rib
Front Sight machined separately, then welded afterwards
Behlert Rear Sight
"AMT" in the Circle logo
El Monte address
Model 280
Well fitted overall (including upper/lower matching) w/ no sign of "armature rework"

If you know the history of this gun by chance, please let me know.
Thank you in advance.


Ultimate Driving Machine?


What I could not pass-by... (@ San Jose Gun Show)
  note: revised photos on 4/17/2006

.41 Rim Fire, Type-4, Factory Engraved (according to the seller)
- Looking for a reference book on Remington Derringers -


Recently Added, Nambu Type-14 w/ Real Ivory Grips

Not matching #, but very nice condition


Something Old, but Something Really Nice

XP Style Gun w/ Early Pasadena Gun

Yah, we're making it now...  /  Long way to become a gun


High Standard Auto Mag w/ modified Flat Rib

This scope is only used to fit / adjust the mount and  not for actual shooting.
($35- scope will not serve for .44 magnum...)

Non-Standard High Standard Gun?