The Pasadena Days  The Years 1966-1972:

This book chronicles the Auto Mag from Harry Sanford's concept of the first stainless steel semi-auto magnum pistol to the bankruptcy  of Auto Mag Corp.   The Auto Mag would eventually be made under nine different names, but the Pasadena guns were the earliest.  Some say it was the most beautiful handgun ever made.   It was a first in so many ways it soon became an industry landmark in handgun design.  The project engineer, Robert Barbasiewicz, kept a day-to-day notebook concerning the development of the gun during the experimental period.  It's all here including all the associated drawings and factory memos.

The .45 ACP Auto Mag is discussed along with the pictures of some of the guns.  The engraved guns are discussed based on extensive interviews with the man who had them made, Bill Chizar.  The final patent that was issued for the gun is here.

A massive ad campaign generated even more sales than were hoped for.   All the ads are here.  Ever wonder what happened during the bankruptcy?   Many questions are answered here, but many more questions arise.

146 pages long, 8 1/2" x 11", soft cover.  Over 40 pictures and over 90 drawings and illustrations.

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The Pasadena Days  The Years 1966-1972

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参考 その1:
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参考 その2:
Bruceがこれまでにオーナーズクラブ宛てに書き上げた記事の幾つかを、本人の転載許可の下、当サイトに掲載しています。 興味のある方は是非ご覧下さい0。


世界初のマグナム・オート・ピストル 〜 開発から破産まで 〜

世界初のマグナム・オート・ピストルとして有名なオートマグ、中でもその最初期に少量だけ生産されたPasadenaモデル。 この本はその開発から Auto Mag Corp. の(一回目の)破産までの間、Pasadena Days と呼ばれる期間の記録です。

発案者であり創業者でもある Harry Sanford のコンセプト、主任技師 Robert Barbasiewicz による日々の記録日誌等、当時の開発風景、問題、苦労を知る上で欠かせない情報を数々の貴重な写真や設計図案、図面を織り交ぜて詳細に綴ってあります。




著者: Bruce Stark

構成: ソフトカバー 146頁 モノクローム 全編英語
写真数: 40枚超
イラスト数: 90枚超

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