Custom .44 Auto Mag

Frame: Early Pasadena Production
Barrel: .44 AMP, 8 1/2 Full Vent. Rib (by Mr. Larry Grossman)
Grips:  Shooters Grip (by Mr. Bruce Stark)

Special Thanks to both Larry and Bruce for tons of valuable suggestions!

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Dirty Harry Set?
  Pasadena w/ 8.5" .44AMP Full Rib
  TDE El Monte w/ 6.5" .44AMP North Hollywood
  Smith & Wesson M29-2 8 3/8" (Looking for 6 1/2" Dirty Harry Model with Box)



Auto Mag Shootout at Field Sports Park, South San Jose


A day after the shootout, I was cleaning my Auto Mag and found that I lost an E-Ring for Hammer Pin. You always break or loose parts which you don't have spare in your hand... as usual...

Price for this shootout: Some CDM and Cor-Bone Ammos and "#49 Hammer Pin Retaining Ring"


Larry gave me some suggestions of taking polished gun's photo. His tech tip gave my guns more glossy looking with much less hassle. Thanks again, Larry.

8.5" .44AMP Full Rib Barrel


with 8.5" Custom Bull Barrel



After spending more than two years, my Pasadena Auto Mag finally re-assembled into a complete gun. It's still not perfect. However, I think it became reasonably good cosmetic condition to conceder a garage custom done by a busy man with 1.5 year old daughter.

My next resolution is to figure out how I can take beautiful photos (means technically, not artistically) of this fully polished shiny guy. Any suggestion will be appreciate.

Over View

Frame Front End (Fully Stippled)

Frame Rear End (Partially Stippled)